You don’t have to have 60 acres of land and tons of animals to be considered a homesteader in my books. Heck, you don’t even need 1 acre of land, although it might help… What I’m getting at is there are ways to be self sufficient without having to own land! There are ways to be in touch with a back to your roots lifestyle and live in an apartment even! Yes you read that right! an apartment!

Here’s 5 ways to “homestead” anywhere!

Cook from scratch

Using your staple items in your fridge and pantry, such as sugar, flour, butter, salt, milk
and seasonings, would you know how to make a meal? I think this is vital as far as being
self-sufficient goes. Rethink your food my friend! It can taste delicious AND be healthier
than ones packed full of preservatives! This is one of the main reasons for my bread
journey in 2022.
Here is a small list of things you could make instead of buying in the grocery store.
Granola bars
Spaghetti sauce
Rolls and buns
Whip cream

Grow your own food

I know what you’re thinking, “Sarah, I just told you I don’t have acreage and/or live and an
Perfect! What a great place to start! Because (and I say this lightly) if you can’t grow an herb in
a window seal or balcony, a 18×30 garden is going to be ten times more overwhelming for you.
There is no better place to start than small. My first garden was a 2×8 foot watering tank. All you
need is a pot, soil, seeds, water and sunlight. If you have those 5 things then YOU. CAN. DO.

THIS! Isn’t that wonderful news?! If you’re lacking in sunlight grab a grow light and a warming
mat from amazon, they are worth every penny.
In my opinion There is no better place to start than herbs, most are hardy, and you can use
them for medicine and cooking! They can add delicious flavor to any meal and are easy to grow.
If I could choose one herb to grow anywhere it would be thyme. This herb is so versatile for
cooking and highly medicinal for coughs and colds.

Learn to preserve food

If this intimidates you start with water bathing jams. Buy some pectin and find your berry in the directions and follow the instructions. Seriously, you can’t get more simple. They will be delicious and so rewarding
you’ll be addicted shortly after.

There are tons of great books on preserving including Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving. You can also YouTube anything! I think we get this idea that we can’t utilize things like YouTube, but seriously… why would you? Its so convent and I learn a ton from there all the time!

Once you have jams down try diced tomatoes with your water bath canner (you can find this in my highlights as well). Then move on to a pressure canner if you’d like! That opens a whole world of opportunity for you!

Buy Local

This really is huge, if you don’t have the means of being able to take care of farm animals,
buying your meats, or even your produce from a local farmer really gives you a first hand
advantage from the markets. You’ll know where your food is coming from, know it’s not full of
chemicals and preservatives, and that the animals are happy and healthy. You’ll also have that
connection with a small farmer, community and connection for homesteading lifestyles is

Know your remedies

Herbalism has brought so much joy and confidence into my home. Knowing I have herbs right
outside my door that can help acute ailments is huge. My top plants to know would be:
Plantain Yarrow, Thyme, Mullein. With these four plants you can draw out infection, close up
wounds and move fevers out of the body, help colds, and chesty coughs. There are a few books
I recommend for natural remedies and herbalism: Rosemary Gladstar’s MedicinalHerbs. and
The Prescription to Natural Healing by Phylis Balch. You can also check out my ebook on A
Beginners Guide To Herbalism with recipes on my website at

Happy Steading!

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