The Smiths

Welcome to Smith Farm 1914 where we will encourage you to seek a simple lifestyle, and a back to your roots outlook on life and health.

In 2017 we bought my husband’s family farm that has been in the family since 1914. You can read about our farm and the renovation journey it’s been through here.

We have been homesteading for nearly 12 years, but full on self sufficiency has been our passion since 2019. We feel convenience has taken society by storm and has strangled patience, self sufficiency, and skill right out of our hands, and we are trying to reconnect to those roots as much as possible and are constantly learning new things.

We have a saying here on the Smith farm..
“You won’t know, if you don’t try”

We let the circumstances and the land tell us what to learn next. We believe empowerment comes from trial and error. I want you to feel empowered, free and happy so I am taking you along as we slowly grow our homestead.

We are so glad you are here, friend.

the little Things...

 I grew up moving back and forth between Minnesota and Idaho most of my life.

I spent a lot of summers in the mountains of Idaho with my great grandparents who lived completely off grid. Some of my best memories are of my great grandpa playing the banjo by oil lantern while we sit on the floor with the cool mountain air slipping through the screen door.

I first saw my husband when I worked at a 1950’s themed diner. He got off his Harley bike, and I swear he was cooler and better looking than James Dean. I was instantly intrigued.

I love to draw. I doodle all the time.

I gave my life to Jesus when I was roughly 12 years old. I had grown up with a Christian mama who tried her best to guide us to the Lord. I’m forever grateful for that.
I would much prefer mountains over the beach. Mountains run in my veins, I swear.
I’m the oldest of 4 siblings. 2 boys 2 girls. My Dad adopted me when I was about 6 years old. But in 2016 I found my biological father, and found out I have 3 other younger sisters! What a blessing! We see them once a year!

Smith Farm


We bought our farmhouse on roughly 60 acres at the end of 2017. Jeremys great grandfather bought the house around 1914, and his grandpa Louis bought it after him. Jeremy was the last Smith in the family, and when the opportunity came up to buy the farm we jumped.

The little green house with lots of sheds, and a barn full of potential was literally our dream home. It was nothing short of a ton of elbow grease and some uncomfortable living situations but we made due and now have the home of our dreams.

Our home looks completely different than when we first stepped in. We brought the entire house down to the studs over the course of 2 years. This home had been added on to multiple times over the last 100 years, so every room you walked into the floor was either up two inches or a step down two inches. Not to mention every wall was made out of lath and plaster. If you know what that is and have dealt with it you know what a mess that can make! We tore apart every wall and furred out every floor in our home.

We lived through the Polar Vortex of 2019 with no house insulation during our renovation, (I remember cooking in a 40 degree kitchen with my winter jacket and hat on.) and made a tarped fort in the basement to live in when we were redoing the main level. Those memories are some of the best thinking back. In the midst of it however, I so desperately wanted to just be done with renovations!

Home before renovations

About 95% of our house was lath and plaster, which means, big giant mess to clean up in remodel language. We spent days in summer of 2019, tearing down plaster and lath boards from the walls and ceiling shoveling out bucket loads of debris, and then tearing off flooring, shoveling, sweeping and vacuuming each mess all in 80 to 100 degree heat.
The “fort” in the basement we lived in for nearly a year. You can see in the far right corner I had a hoosier cabinet (my pantry) , a fridge, a freezer (that doubled as my countertop) and an oven. What a time!

The outside of the house was a bit of a nightmare with contractors, but nonetheless I got my wrap around porch and it has added a ton of character to our home. The porch is one of my favorite spots to sip an evening cocktail with our little fire table top and have company over.

Now the barn… the barn is probably my pride and joy. To be honest when Jeremy brought me out here for the first time almost 13 years ago,, all I could remember was the barn when we drove home. With tiny pieces of sunshine slipping through the beams and cracks, worn out from time. The floor stacked with three feet of hay and critter poop on the inside and all I saw was perfection with a little TLC. I just saw how beautiful it was and mentally thought to myself how I want to get married there.
Unfortunately I hardly have any photos of the barn on the inside before. which I’m mentally kicking myself for constantly. What I do have is some progress photos of the outside.

When it was time to renovate the barn we had a small window of time to work with. From beginning to end our barn was completely refinished in a matter of 5-6 weeks. All with the help of the Amish. Yes, you read that right. The Amish. They hired a “taxi” (actually a lovely retired man with a truck) to come down to look at the barn. They then realized it’s too far for them to drive every morning and that’s when we offered them to live with us! We offered them campers. and they politely obliged.

They were up an hour before dawn everyday working with their battery operated headlamps hammering and sawing away making the outside of the barn maintenance free by applying tin to it. All while we worked on the floor of the barn. About a week after they had come out to live here, their wives came out, packed 4 little kiddos and lots of bins full of canned foods.

Betty, the wife of Sam who was the head man on the job, was a hell of a baker. dressed in her casual dress, with her hair pulled back in a simple bun she would deliver cinnamon buns, and homemade bread to our door a couple times a week.  When they were all done and ready to pack up and leave i was genuinely sad… Betty and I still write two each other through old fashioned snail mail. and i genuinely enjoy it more than I ever thought possible. Sam sometimes still uses their small neighborhood business phone to call Jeremy every once in a while and they talk for nearly an hour every time.  When it was done I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was gorgeous. So much love and sweat was put into this structure and it’s beyond gorgeous.

Our barn was originally redone for our wedding but we have had the honor of hosting 16 other weddings. Each wedding we host is so special to us. I feel God has given us such a great opportunity to bless other people.
What a blessing to have it’s beyond words really. The 3 years of remodeling our farm has been nothing but back breaking work sometimes, but man oh man, has it been worth it. The work though, as you know really never ends. We are constantly adding new projects to our home. Thanks so much for viewing pieces our farm, if you would like to see more of our farm projects follow me on instagram at @smithfarm1914