Tis the season for Christmas cheer- and fevers. It seems what ever is running around in central Minnesota is also running rapid throughout the rest of the lower 48. The question has been flooding my DMs on instagram. “How can I deal with my Child’s fever naturally?” Nothing is worse than watching your little not feel well. So this little blog will hopefully help you approach fevers from a different angle, as well as help you feel more confident.
(NOTE: I’m not a medical professional. Always check with a doctor or medical professional if a medical situation occurs)

What is a fever?

First things first, lets review a little on what a fever actually is. Though other symptoms can accompiany a fever, a fever is primarily, temporary rise in body temperature. Its the natural response your body has when and infection occurs. They can be caused by bacterial or viral illnesses, poisoning, heatstroke, or toxins.

Are There Benefits To A Fever?

Most of the time we don’t interfere with fevers in our home. Within reason, there are benefits too letting a fever play out.

When To See A Doctor

I always, always, always say trust your parenting gut. Please, don’t take that little pang in your gut for granted its literally signaling that something isn’t right. If you don’t full trust your gut, here is what we go by:

Ok, But What Can I Do at Home?

Hydrate, cuddle, and cool down.

Apple Cider Vinegar

My personal go to lately has been apple cider vinegar, if you’ve been watching my instagrams you know how much I’ve been talking about it. It wasn’t until I had read Children’s Health by Rosemary Gladstar that I thought about using it for fevers. With my boys (who are 1 and 3) I put about 1/4 cup of apple cider vinegar in their baths to lower temperature. Or wrap a cool wash cloth with a water apple cider vinegar mix around their feet. Not only is ACV rich in minerals but the acid in it actually draws the heat out thus helping lower the bodily temperature.

Skin to Skin

When my boys were infants skin to skin was my go to. Our body’s temperature actually regulates our baby’s temperatures, if they are too cold we warm them up and if they are too warm we cool them down. The benefits of skin to skin contact with our babies have lots of studies. Including higher blood oxygen levels, stronger immune systems, better able to digest and absorb nutrients.

Vitamin C Tea Cubes

Loads of fluids is so essential during a fever, it helps prevent dehydration, keeps the body temperature fairly stable, and helps flush the infection. When Harlen who is 3 recently got sick I was desperate for him to take some vitamin c tea, but he didn’t want it. so I ended up steeping a batch for 15 minutes, poured a little honey in it and froze into little ice cube trays. he thought it was the best thing ever, sat with his bowl and ate all of them. (I freeze yogurt in them too and he loves that as well) Here is a good fever reducing tea blend for kiddos. Do not do this with children under 1.

1 tsp elderberries
1 tsp Hibiscus flowers
.5 tsp raspberry leaf
1 tsp lemon balm
steep for 15-20 minutes
add a little bit of honey to sweeten
freeze in ice cube trays

If you don’t want to do this kale, alfalfa, rose hips, and violets can be added to a smoothie to boost Vitamin C.

Herbal Tinctures

Here are a few tinctures I always have on hand the reduce a childs fever by naturally supporting the body. As a reminder all tinctures can be made with vegetable glycerine to avoid alcohol. You also dont have to wait the full 2-8 weeks for a tincture to be used. You can use it at any given time as long as it has been prepared 24 hours prior. For more information on how to prepare tinctures, check out my Ebook.

Elder flower
Honeysuckle flower
Echinacea root


This vital mineral use to be very prominent in our diet a century ago, but now a magnesium rich diet has dropped nearly 60%. This Mineral is vital for anti-stress. It helps you sleep, relax your muscles, improves digestion, balances blood pressure, and give you more energy. For fevers is helps regulate body temperature. It’s an essential mineral when healthy, and even more essential when youre sick. When my boys aren’t feeling well I rub a little bit of my magnesium balm (restock coming In January) on the bottoms of their feet.

I always have a round of homemade bone broth ready to go in my cellar. Bone broth is a house hold staple when anyone isn’t feeling good. It’s a great way to help replenish fluids being lost during sweating, and provide valuable electrolytes and nutrients. Other than that I really tend to trust his tummy, if he wants toast, fruits, or veggies thats what he gets. The only thing I tend to put a halt to is dairy products, they tend to increase body temperature as it is, and worsen the problem.


This is so important. We really try to make our kiddos as comfy as possible and dont want to over stimulate their little brains, so we opt for little to no tv when their fevers are kicked in.

All in all I hope you feel equipped you can find a few of my favorite books here. For more tips and ideas.
Best of luck mama! You got this!

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