I figure ill to to post each month links that I have shared on instagram and or things I think you’ll want links to that I have bought this last month. . That way you’re able to find them in all one spot. Most links contain affiliates.

First up: Calvins birthday gift. This has been the best little toy for both the boys teaching them how to build and take apart. Comes in a nice box, and honestly is the perfect toy to occupy them for a while. Link here.

Next up are a pair of mom jeans I’ve been loving. They hug all the right places, its a true jean so there isn’t much stretch, so you may need to size up. But I’ve been loving how chic they make every outfit look.

I also shared my new locket I bought myself for my birthday, its literally my favorite necklace, next to my poppy choker.. Both are just an every day go to necklace.

I added a new book to my herbal library. This book is so jammed pack full of recipes and holistic knowledge. Highly recommend if you have kiddos!

The past few months we have switched to this coffee. Its got amazing mushrooms in it that you can’t taste at all. It smells and tastes like COFFEE because it is, just with the added benefits of mushrooms. So good for your brain health. Start your morning out right with coffee that nourishes your body as well.

Lastly is my favorite chicken mug, its hand made by a local pottery artist. I dont know if this mug is in stock on her sight but this is her Etsy page. So many cute items!

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